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240 x 120 cm
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Drawings & Works on Paper



Charcoal on paper, triptych.

1957 Sfax, Tunisia

Born in Sfax (Tunisia) in 1957.
She lives and works in Nabeul (Tunisia) and Ronchamp (France).

At the same time painter, sculptor and designer, Ilhem Ellouze is a Franco-Tunisian artist whose work will have contributed to placing Tunisian contemporary art on the international artistic scene. In her book "Painting in Tunisia - Origins and Development", art historian Sophie El Goulli sheds light on Ilhem Ellouze's work in both an Eastern and Western light. We find in the gestures of the artist an approach rooted in the artistic traditions of Arab-Muslim culture, while incorporating the spirit of contemporary Western art in his compositions. The repetition and accumulation of conical shapes do not fulfill a decorative function but seek the effectiveness of the concept: the representation of the individual within a human crowd.

In 2001, Ilhem Ellouze seriously injured her retina with a laser cutting machine. This accident forced her to stop producing. She returned to the art scene ten years later, and then began the work of charcoal drawing.

In her charcoal drawings, the interspersed lines, repeated shapes, voids and solids instantly evoke the play of light offered by the stained-glass windows, or the rays of the sun cut by the moucharabiehs. For Ilhem Ellouze, it is about putting in tension the singular, the definite and unique form, and the general, the anonymous symbol. Her work corresponds to a kind of dramaturgy of loneliness, but also to the affirmation of the sustainability of the conscience fighting for its safeguard.

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Belfort, 5 place de la Grande Fontaine

Galerie Robet Dantec was founded by Catherine Robet and Thierry Dantec. The gallery artistic direction and the curatorship of the exhibitions are provided by Catherine Robet, graduate in arts and aesthetic. She nourished by several years of experience in the contemporary art sector. The Gallery is presented as a space for exchange and dialogue around young c...

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40 x 30 cm

Grey Child


40 x 40 x 3 cm

2500,00 €