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Number 007


Single piece Signed



70 x 130 cm
27.56 x 51 in




Drawings & Works on Paper



Ink on Rice Paper

COA included

Hand Signed by artist

1978 , Argentina

Ignacio Valdez, was born in 1978 in Buenos Aires, capital.
I studied at the Prilydiano Pueyrredón National School of Fine Arts and did work analysis at Luis Felipe Noé's workshop.
In the last year of my career (2001) I discovered minimal art: Frank Stella with his black lines on a black background, Sol Lewitt and Dan Graham. The concept of self-referentiality of the work that these artists handled gave me, in some way, the conceptual bases of what I was beginning to produce at that time. That same year I saw an exhibition by Ernesto Ballesteros at Ruth Benzacar (the exhibition of the intersections), all works done in pencil on canvas. That show was a revelation for me: It's okay to work only with pencils and also you can continue painting without using brushes, the construction of a method, of an a priori system, a set of arbitrary rules.
Some years before I had read an interview with Mr. Raúl Lozza, where he developed the concept of qualimetry, which I did not understand and I do not understand now, but making a mathematical equation to paint seemed incredible to me. Later I traveled to Brazil for 6 months or so and discovered neo-concretism with Ligia Clark and Helio Oiticica.
I went through drawing as an obsession, as a method, as a discipline, as a spiritual path, currently I am trying to understand it as an organic and chaotic language, that is, as a way of speaking.
Of the exhibitions I did, I would like to mention one in 2003 in Materia Urbana, an art store located in the San Telmo neighborhood and "like that on the whole page" Zavaleta Lab in 2006.

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