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2500 EUR

Banana Republic (Andy Warhol)



From the series Leitmotiv



70 x 70 cm
27.56 x 28 in






Prints , Graphic Work

2015 circa.

Glossy plexiglass.

Edition of 5.

Starting from a highly iconic image, the profile of male and female faces, IABO builds a format, with unlimited variations on the theme. Working on cycles the intent is to create a Leitmotiv that sounds exactly like a "visual catchphrase". A thick black outline traces the morphology of the face. The pictorial rendering is flattened, two-dimensional. The stroke is graphic, essential. In this version, the investigated character is Andy Warhol. The idea is to condense the strengths of the product in a matter of seconds, as happens in advertising. A pop inclination that draws from the lexicon of consumer society in order to deconstruct and reassemble it to give life to a hypothetical universe. Here the reference is to the banana that Andy Warhol had created for the cover of the Velvet Underground & Nico album. IABO turns it into a concept thanks to the stamp of one of the most famous brands that distributes them all over the world.

1980 Naples, Italy

At first impact, Iabo (Naples, 1980) is inspired by pop art of the ‘80s. He investigates the line and studies its shape. And he makes it a real obsession, following a constant search for mechanical perfection, but in an artisan way. In Iabo the man/machine boundary is very thin. His achievements are technically perfect. A nuisance that led him to experiment and configure a very personal language. Partly derived from Street Art experiences, partly from a deep-rooted sense of the measure that emerges from all his works. His pictorial cycle can be traced back to some strands, recurring leitmotifs.

Whether it's anthropomorphic profiles or mailboxes, prestigious brands or popular subjects, it doesn't matter. Everything is filtered under the lens of Iabo who connotes and identifies them in a very specific brand: his own.

A past as a writer, a chameleon personality, a strong ethical sense. There are many selection processes implemented on the common imagination, increasingly reduced to the core. And covered with elegance. It would be appropriate to say 'less is more'. And that's right. Recognition is not lost in the minimal approach, but is enhanced in a few essential features that never confuse the observer. The ironic play of the combinations, the slightly shaded chromatic range, the uniform colour, the progression of nuances, the decisive line.

No artifice, if anything an exciting game bordering on the most radical cynicism. Unusual combinations between imaginaries and signifiers apparently disjointed but always functional to convey a positive discourse. Politically correct. Never in favour of aesthetics. Iabo's works are very topical, useful to identify a historical moment rather than a common feeling. His characters communicate, seek solutions, bridge distances, weave relationships and trigger reactions. A work of de-construction and continuous re-construction. Outside and inside the canvas. It starts from a theme and results in infinite declinations. Whether it is the parking line or a multiple consumer good, the life cycle of the work always remains irremediably uncorrupted and deflated.

Consumerism comes to life in a hypothetical universe, recognizable and not real. In a repeatable, morally ethical and customizable format. Absolutely versatile, aesthetically perfect. Simple, clean, usable. His pictorial production is turning more and more towards the use of plexiglass as a material of excellence to emphasize even better the discourse on the cleanliness of the compositional lines. Iabo certainly knows the value of viral marketing. His works come to cover surfaces of over five meters, breaking down the boundary between real and imaginary, between human and superhero. If everything is possible in art, in the universe of Iabo reality surpasses fantasy.

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Milano, Via Carlo Pisacane 36

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