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45 x 45 cm
17.72 x 18 in


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Oils on linen

About the Artist

, Australia

My work is about my everyday life: ideas, emotions, thoughts and experiences. Ranging from motherhood, existential concepts, shopping lists and day-to-day interaction. A world of simplicity, complexity, hope and despair. My Images often represent this world in a whimsical framework.

There is often a sense of menace and a hint of the unknown, they are statements of mind.

The pell-mell chaos of the complicated world interacts with my daily life.

I search for, balance, calm, contentment, happiness, belonging, meaning and love.


HILARY HERRMANN by Michelle Dawson

"Hilary has one of the most genuine, unstoppable, passionate impulses to paint. The source material is anything and everything that moves her. It may be a deeply personal dilemma, encounter or situation, the intimacies of her domestic world, her beloved daughter Frida, the farm where she lives and their 2 dogs. Her reading, dreams, fears, and 3am insomniac musings. All of this is sifted through, distilled and transmuted, till finally the artwork transcends the personal and she offers up strange, delicate, whimsical, and oft at times darkly intimate mythologies.

For as much as the work, and the language of figuration she has evolved is uniquely hers, it also seems to me that she is a conduit for telling truths that resonate in many different ways to a diverse range of people, who find their own stories, and life experiences woven into her canvasses.

They are ephemeral and ineffable, they are of sea and air with no clear point of separation. Mythic creatures, animals and small beings glide by, steer boats, float through space, set forth off on seemingly solitary journeys, make contact, take leave or wait patiently, all in a misty "other" world.

They speak of quietude, poignancy, innocence, and the hero's journey.

They are images, musings and ideas that dissolve the minute you try to pin them down.

They are unspoken truths that do not want to be said out loud, rendered in hypnogogic swirls of colour and space."


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