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15000 EUR

Butterfly Man


Signed Dated Titled Framed



90 x 140 cm
35.43 x 55 in







Technique: Acrylic on Canvas

Year: 2020

Description: It is about something from another dimension

1969 , Indonesia

Heru Muhawa is an Indonesian artist lives and works in Bali, and it is the spiritual atmosphere of this place that makes up much of his unique work. He is largely a self-taught painter, though he studied Art painting and sculpture in Majapahit Art Studio Gallery in Malang city of East Java. Essentially, he paints the images through the feelings and visions received in his meditation practices.The favorite materials he likes to use are acrylic, oil, natural paints and neon black light paints to create the effect of glow in the dark. The technique of using neon black light paints makes such his paintings called psychedelic Art. As a result, there are collectors of his Art not only from Indonesia but also from different countries.

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Toyota, Yamanote 1-52, Confort, Yamanote 2c

Fine Art Studio Gallery “SPIRIT HUNTER” is established in Japan. Currently, Fine Art Studio-Gallery represents an Indonesian Artist Heru Muhawa and a great collection of his artworks. It presents unique contemporary and modern exhibitions with live art performances. Its mission is to introduce new art techniques and materials that have a dimensional effe...

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Kristenboch Park 2


180 x 100 x 0.1 cm

5800,00 €

Harvest Season


77 x 117 x 3 cm

10000,00 €