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Se mouiller la nuque




65 x 50 cm
25.59 x 20 in







This very subtle painting is the result of the artist's research to reconstitute ancient and largely forgotten techniques. Hélène Legrand draws, first of all, admirably. On silk paper, or rare Asian paper (Vietnamese, Japanese...). She then paints with fatty tempera, and maroons on linen canvas. Hence this living aspect of her paintings, which are never smooth. The great softness of this scene comes from this late afternoon light, the warmest, golden, which illuminates everything and at the same time softens the contours. This woman is alone, immersed in the pool as if in her thoughts. We observe her wetting the back of her neck, as if she were chasing away dark thoughts, when she chooses to take some time for herself, and to live, quite simply. From time to time, Hélène Legrand paints female figures, usually from behind. Model, or self-portrait? Probably a bit of both. In any case, the identification is easy, and the projection in the scene total.

1959 Paris, France

LEGRAND, God is in the details

Hélène Legrand was born in 1959 in Paris. She lives and works in the Paris region. She graduated in plastic arts at Paris I La Sorbonne, and was presented for nearly 5 years by the Kamel Menouar gallery, which was just starting out. She was exhibited in France, Belgium, Portugal, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. In 2009, her city of Saint-Germain-en-Laye devoted a retrospective of 25 years of painting to her at the Manège Royal. She has exhibited at the Museum of Natural History and the Bourdelle Museum in Paris, and at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Dublin, Ireland. She is in the collections of the Daubigny Museum in Auvers-sur-Oise, the Brives Museum and Oyonnax, among others. Since 2018, she has joined the prestigious circle of 5 women Official Painter of the Navy. Hélène Legrand's work completely blurs the line between painting and drawing, or rather achieves a kind of fusion of the two. With a breathtaking technical mastery, she revives the age-old technique of fatty tempera, or tempera and oil on canvas. An outstanding draughtswoman, she seeks to render the initial vital force and movement of nature, but has always emphasized the ethical urgency imposed on us by its fragility. She first paints on a fragile surface of silk paper or rare Asian papers. They will then be pasted on canvas, but their thinness will let see folds, cracks sometimes, absences. The scenes are intermingled, some simply evoked. The finesse of the drawing dissolves in the painting. And one feels an immense cry of revolt in front of the blows carried to the splendor of the world and the conscience of the men. An urgency to make present the living beings who disappear under our impotent eyes. To transmit, because it is the vocation of the artist.

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Paris, 78 avenue de Suffren Village Suisse n°27 Grande Allée

Cécile Dufay first created a gallery in the early 2000s with the ambition of discovering new talents. 120 first exhibitions later, she turned, in 2009, to supporting women artists, sadly under-represented not only in institutions, but also in galleries. Today, what fascinates her, and what she wants to share, is the mastery of artists who have reached the m...

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Source du Lison


55 x 46 cm

400,00 €

Usedom/Kaiserbäder/Bansin, langer Berg


60 x 80 x 4 cm

6500,00 €



55 x 70 x 4 cm

700,00 €



50 x 65 cm