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1900 EUR

Single piece Signed Framed



48 x 56 x 5 cm
18.90 x 22 x 1.97 in







Measurements without the frame: 24 width x 32 height. Mixed media

1953 Daule, Ecudaor

Hector Ramirez Ortega . He was a painter or a kind of poet who discovers forms, colors and intense feelings in the intangible that end up on his canvases. Born in Daule , Guayas Province on July 1 , 1953 . At an early age he moved to Guayaquil where in 1966 . Obeying his concerns and artistic vocation, he entered the Municipal School of Fine Arts where he learned anatomy, composition and technique, with teachers César Andrade Faini and Theo Constante; Later, to perfect his knowledge of the painting technique, he also attended the workshops of Theo Constante and Hugo Lara, but neither of them allowed himself to be decisively influenced, since he knew what he wanted and where he had to go. 

For this reason, seeking to internationalize his work, he toured several European countries and North American cities where he made important contacts that allowed him to nurture, in addition, new trends and innovative pictorial concepts. In 1985 he returned to Ecuador , that is when he acquired the land of his current house in Playas. Around 1988 he settled in Barcelona , ​​Spain, where in addition to visiting museums and exhibiting, he lived the experience of painting exclusively for galleries, without economic concerns, but without freedom. After a long season of exhibiting in Colombia , Costa Rica , Venezuela , Panama ,Peru and Spain , in 1992 he returned to the Guayaquil tropics, from where, from time to time, he traveled to show his paintings.


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Barcelona, Carretera del Mig 120, 08907 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat

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Cerisier dans la Roche


70 x 70 x 2.5 cm

1000,00 €