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Tondo 7




112 x 112 cm
44.09 x 44 in








As the title suggests a tondo is a Renaissance term for a circular work of art), this artwork is part of a series with a circular form without edges. 

It is made of paper painted with ink and enamel, then glued on a canvas. 

Its round shape confers it a multidimensional character, since it can be hanged, in line with the artist's intention, in four directions.

As often with Kröner's work, poetry and beauty emerge from the subtle combination of a relatively rigid framework (here, the vertical and horizontal grey lines), with more random and lively colour marks. 

1962 , Germany

Harald Kröner is a German artist who could be described as "paper artist", producing essentially works on paper and collages. His work involves also public installations. He lives and works in Pforzheim (Germany).


Harald Kröner studied at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design with Rudolf Schoofs where he graduated in 1990.


Harald Kröner works thoroughly with paper, of which he is a notorious collector, whether it be artist paper, printed sheets, or papers collected in his daily life, transforming them into drawings and collages.

His works are made predominantly with coloured ink, but stain, lacquer, spray or enamel can sometimes be used in the creation process.

Lines, very present on his artworks, can be the result of a pencil stroke, a cut, the edge of a torn paper, dripping ink or the borders of collaged paper underneath his paintings.

Chance plays an important role in his work, which explores the limit between hazard and control, order and chaos.


Harald Kröner's work is very much about perception and the transition between the visible and the invisible, where the colour influences and tints the drawing, where the line evolves into a rhythm or music, where the complex and surprising combination of elements create an harmony only observable by the viewer.

Reminiscence of Asian traditions also transpires in Kröner's work with the use of ink suggesting spontaneity and freedom together with rigor and concision.

Languages, fonts and literature are also an important source of inspiration for him, especially in his public installations.


His work is featured in various German public collections as well as international private collections in Germany, Switzerland, France, Australia and USA.


Harald Kröner has widely and mainly exhibited in Germany in solo and group exhibitions. He has also taken part to various art fairs including Drawing Now in Paris and the Korean International Art Fair.

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London, 160 Fernhead Road, Maida Vale

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