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2200 EUR
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She Learned To Value Herself


Single piece Signed Dated Titled



70 x 70 x 3 cm
28 x 27.56 x 1.18 in







Oil on canvas

1967 Swellendam, South Africa

Grady Tomlinson Zeeman is a South African artist born in 1967 who lives and works in Swellendam, South Africa. Zeeman’s passion for people, especially women, their struggles, fears, and strive for recognition and equality, is evident in her work. For her, using her art as an instrument to shed the light on current matters, is her Divine purpose. However, Zeeman believes that for women to empower themselves, they must focus on emotional intelligence. Hence her latest series of work, where Zeeman addresses lessons that she learned to strive for a happy, fulfilling life. Zeeman’s preferred medium is oil, though she starts with a thin layer of acrylic. She found that with these techniques, she could create the movement and depth that best represented emotions and energy. Her color palette is a clear indication of her connection to her understanding of energy fields that surround her.

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Galerie Bruno Massa based in Paris was founded in January 2013 and is dedicated to exhibiting the latest works of contemporary art. The gallery is devoted to promoting emerging artists worldwide, especially in Georgia but also in China and other Asian countries. In 2018, Galerie Bruno Massa opened a branch in Seoul, Korea & in July 2019, moved its primary ga...

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Angelic caress


150 x 120 cm

4350,00 €

She Learned To Value Her Freedom


70 x 70 x 3 cm

2200,00 €