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Wind, Water, and Rock Kooness
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Wind, Water, and Rock




101.6 x 127 cm
40.00 x 50 in






Photography , Prints

Digital Fractal Flame
Ed. 8

, United States

Guy Austin II makes digital prints bonded to aluminum with 400º heat and 80-tons of pressure. Using the fractal algorithms of nature, he creates vibrant, abstract, dimensional images called “fractal flames.” Pointing to mathematics as both a language and a fabric binding the universe, the artist seeks to break or blend the geometric symmetries that appear in nature such as: Nautilus shells, rosettes, and honeycombs. In effect, the blurring of these dissimilar fractals results in unique, organic shapes with unusual colors, forms, and compositions that defy the laws of nature.

In his work titled Breeze No 7b, Austin creates a ghostly image in luminous shades of amber. Appearing at once familiar and otherworldly, the form appears to float as if suspended in water. Breeze No 8, on the other hand, is a composition embodying rapid movement. Swishes of magenta, dusty rose, and blush crowd the image and create a compressed, painterly composition. In each of these works that blur the boundaries of man-made and machine made, the artist digitally mashes and remixes the mathematics of nature to create monsters, landscapes, and portraits using the fabric of the universe.

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California, Santa Monica

bG gallery specializes in accomplished artists who have crossed traditionally contentious art ideologies including expressive-conceptual, insider-outsider, high-low and figurative-abstract. The post modern era raised questions about the importance of originality and genre. The gallery believes that ‘anything goes’ answer to these questions has led to s...

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La Couronne


97 x 152 x 0.1 cm