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Grand Central Station

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Grand Central Station

From the series Electri-city








70 x 50 cm
27.56 x 20 in


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Since the times of the epic West up until today, the United States has never ceased being an emblem of mobility. A culture made up of people that move, move out, change neighborhoods, state, work, family. All those belongings from one’s previous life are put away in storage and life continues on somewhere else.
That is why Giuseppe Di Piazza’s aesthetic preferences –based on narrating an America which is on the run and which is already gone by the time the light has been engraved upon the matrix--captures a nation’s attitude with such delightful descriptions.
Such movement which is almost picturesque, just by observing the images of Grand Central and the New York Subway, a harboring infinite urban solitudes, are worthy of further exploration.  The same happens with those electrical contours of tiny men who wander around the Lower East Side, crossing 42nd street: while studying them, its as if you can hear cool jazz resonating, and as if we are participants in their urban and esistential verticalization.
Di Piazza forces us to twist ourselves, we see the world he represents by turning our heads, like a train flashing past right in front of us and from its windows, we notice a feature, a figure, something which makes us want to know more. We feel the urge to search for a higher definition of who has been intercepted by his lense: yet, we have nothing but our imagination to rely on. It’s as if these photographs hold some kind of power, ours, that of who looks beyond the surface of what appears as an aesthetic preference and wants to find what lies within; therefore creating a story. Who is the young woman walking along the boardwalk on Coney Island? And the other one, walking past Broadway Lafayette station? Who is the stranger dragging an unwilling dog along the crosswalk on the Upper East Side?
The aesthetic predilections of Di Piazza, the striping effects, as if someone has just past, leaving something behind, a dream, a suggestion, a curiosity, fully coincides with our fast-paced lives, much too full of details and particulars which we are unable to develop. By blurring out his subjects, it’s as if Di Piazza invites us to participate in the act of creation, a reconstruction of promises affixed on photographic paper. (Camilla Baresani)

About the Artist

1958 Palermo, Italy

A childhood in Palermo. A career in Rome and, later, Milan. Close ties to New York and “Italian” America, Giuseppe Di Piazza puts a powerful visual narrative of life both as a writer and photographer.

He began his career in 1979 at the newspaper L'Ora in Palermo, then directed by Nicola Cattedra. Professional journalist since 1984, in that year he moved to Rome to work for the Cooperation magazine of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 1985 he took part in the birth of the newspaper Reporter, directed by Enrico Deaglio. In 1986 he moved to Il Messaggero, where he stayed for fifteen years. In the Roman newspaper, he was first chief editor, then editor of Interni and Giudiziaria, editorialist, and finally central editor.

In 2000 he moved to Milan, as deputy director of multimedia of Rcs MediaGroup, whose manager is Pietro Calabrese. He then became director of the contents of Hdpnet, the group's multimedia company.

In 2002 he was entrusted with the direction of AGR, the radio and digital press agency of RCS. In 2003 he became editor of the monthly Max. From 27 September 2007 until 8 March 2012 he directed the weekly Corriere della Sera Magazine, then returned to his original name of Sette on 26 November 2009. From March 2012 he was at the Corriere della Sera as an columnist. and responsible for new initiatives. From September 2013 to June 2017 he is editorial manager of the "Corriere Innovazione" system [1] of Corriere della Sera. Since 1st July 2017 he has been responsible for the Roman supplement of the Corriere della Sera. On the website, it is the owner of the video sections "La Confessione" and "Controluce". He is married, has three children, and lives between Rome and Milan.

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