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3171.96 EUR

CHAIR / MAN : NOW.HERE ME #63, 2020

From the series Chair_man


3171,96 €

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60 x 100 x 3 cm
23.62 x 39 x 1.18 in








  • About the work

During First lockdown (March 2020)

Everyone talks about it, everyone knows a part of it, as if suffering of a syndrome. I have often wondered if it made sense to do aartwork on "Covid". It is not shyness or listlessness. I have the feeling that Covid has been incongruously elevated to the category of reason. I find it a natural reaction as it always reassures us to be able to limit the risk, for the horror to the unknown. Knowing and knowing protects us from the risk of feeling tenderly helpless in the face of darkness. Transforming Covid, however, is a distorted and dangerous reading of our present.

We are trying to deny pain, existence and suffering. In a ballet of activities carried out in stillness, creeping, the inability to face emptiness, failure and fear of the future moves. I've been writing a lot of notes those days, often on fluttering paper. These are "Bastard Notes". They are not reflections on Covid, hence a title of No Covid reflection. I was unable to convince myself that the days of lockdown were an "opportunity", I accepted them as one accepts life, often feeling angry. I analyzed every detail, every little crack in the road, I walked, feeling the discomfort or the thrill. I reconstructed my life by destryoing all its pieces, like an archaeologist, questioning my position and function. It wasn't easy, it wasn't good for me. At night I heard distant screams, soft tears and silences of my eyes now without tears.

A lead curtain fell on the stage, the room was reduced without cracks, the windows were darkened and the door was bricked up. Nothing will be the same, so little will go well. In my entire life I have never given up on the sincerity of my work. My role as an Artist is to be a sieve crossed by the flow of events, I then have to release the juice, the synthesis, My vision. Those days were dense, greasy, greasy hands, not to wash off. It will take time, a different time, a proper time: this was not the case. One day I will speak, one day I will be able to look in the mirror, one day it will be.

About the Artists

1974 Roma, Italy

Education: Giovanni Trimani began his professional career in 2007. The roots of his work, however, are to be found around 1987 when he had the luck  to meet Franco Giacchieri, a famous Roman artist. From the first oil paintings up to date, he has always placed his sign at the center of research, declining it both in painting and sculpture and in architectural design interventions.

Never satisfied, he has found the fuel of his creativity challenging himself continously. Although not coming from academic circles, his technique was refined with an exhausting practice accompanied by a daily and scrupulous didactic preparation. For Trimani, the continuous updating of his training is a fixed point of his work. From a careful analysis of his experience, he has tried to develop an aesthetic interpretation which is as universal as possibly shared. Human being, in the most noble definition, is the center of Trimani's art.


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