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Pink heart Discover the best available selection of sculptures by the artist Giovanni Confortini. Buy from art galleries around the world with Kooness!
4000 EUR

Pink heart


Single piece Signed

4000,00 €


64 x 64 x 10 cm
25.20 x 25 x 3.94 in







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1960 Brescia, United States

Born in Brescia (Italy), in 1960.

Completed the high school, started working for years as a bookkeeper in Brescia's private studios and companies, but always cultivating the passion for the art of painting. The 1989 is the year when, by chance, discovered the "trompe l'oeil" through décor magazines. He is fascinated and started to test his artistic skills that better identify himself in the artistic painting. Soon the hobby turned into actual work, following the recommendations and requests of work by friends who are themselves fascinated by the growing skill and the particular creative imagination.

The sensitivity for the particular elements is the basis for the work of the artist, who can see beyond its subject, this can never go unnoticed, involving the spectator in a trick, given by the hyper-reality of his works, stimulating metaphysical sensations to the more careful and curious viewer.

The beauty animates the forms created by Confortini, author that manages and gives to the same value the valence that exceeds the sense that may justify the work and its meaning, to become, the work itself, the signifier, the absolute self-concept for the mere fact that is a pleasure to see.

The use of color is full and elegant at the same time, the balance in the composition brings to an experience of other times, the harmony of the end result is rewarding.

The technique used is mainly of acrylic on canvas or canvas panels of various sizes.

Due to the predilection of light and color and a research for the Mediterranean, the artist moved From his own gallery in the center of Brescia in the most pristine islands in the south of Italy (the Pelagie) where he is following a depth "en plein air" impossible at other latitudes, consonant with his free and determined spirit that brings us to the compelling charm of painters of past centuries.

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4000,00 €

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5000,00 €


Lodi, Via Giuseppe Saragat 4

The gallery born with the specific intent to find, select and reserve a highly qualified audience, ART important and exclusive, from the most prestigious international sources such as foundations, historical archives and museums. The gallery is the perfect link between the creativity of the great artists and the particular sensitivity of the fans who believe...

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1130,00 €

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Dolci Farfalle


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0,00 €