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7840.6051102297 EUR



Single piece Signed



150 x 150 cm
59.06 x 59 in







Oil on linen and wood

Includes a certificate of authenticity


, Chile

Artist's Statement:

"Everything is landscape...

All my life I have lived in a painting studio, I have always had art books in my hands, without knowing how to read, I immersed myself in the terrible works of the darkest baroque, that is my tenebrist and expressionist universe and the guiding thread of my painting. My insurgent landscape: it is my Baroque garden, natural, exuberant, uneven, imperfect, difficult to hold, deformed and strange.
And in it the animals, worthy of its deep darkness and mysterious fury, which inspires me to a boldness that is urgent and fantastic in its forms and somber, brutal and even prophetic in its dialectic, because we are in an era of extremes with a great vitality and a constant presence of desolation and death.

It is a celebration of exuberance and an uncertain existence.

It is this instinct that connects me with the baroque and the contemporary."

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Walddorfhäslach, Gustav Werner Strasse 27

We live art! We feature contemporary, international and sometimes unknown artwork, with a focus on great latin artists. In our gallery you can find artwork from established artists but also jewels from emerging or yet unknown artists. Another fantastic feature of our gallery is that you can connect with the artists on a personal level. We offer detailed i...

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