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1092 EUR

Arancia scoppiata


Single piece Signed Titled



60 x 60 cm
23.62 x 24 in







Oil on canvas

1958 Bologna (Bologna, Italy), Italy

Giovanna was born in Bologna in 1958. She graduated at the Art School and she was a restorer in Ottorino Nonfarmale's laboratory from 1977 to 1982,  where she specialized in pictorial retouching. She thus had the precious opportunity to intervene on works by very important masters such as Cimabue, Tiziano, Lorenzo Lotto, Van Dick, Giovanni Bellini, Giorgio Vasari, Giuseppe Maria Crespi, Paolo Veronese and many others. Thanks to this she was able to observe very closely their way up: the type of composition and their peculiar way of solving the pictorial expression with the technique (the mix of colors, the body of the brush strokes and the transparency of the glazes).

The study of these expressive means constitutes a precious wealth of knowledge that has allowed her to understand, not only the most sensitive aspect of the ways adopted by the various painters in the different eras and schools, but also the exact correspondence of the techniques to the forms of representation .
On the basis of this experience he has made accurate imitations of artworks with different techniques and styles: from Bosch to Vermeer, from Caravaggio to Renoir, and then Degas, Schagall, Picasso.

Nowadays  she dedicates his pictorial activity to seeking personal answers to representation problems preferring simple, everyday topics. In the beginning in his paintings the composition is clearly set, apparently without leaving anything to chance. It is carefully defined every moment, every passage of tone and nuance. The details are addressed with technical perfection and illustrative wisdom, with ways that belong to other times.

Some works take on a surreal taste: flowers and objects are shown with ambiguous shapes, they are transformed, mixed, and they are proposed in a manneristic way as pleasant deceptions for the eye. With the series of "Lemons" Giovanna takes a new step, here the lemon remains the only protagonist of her "still lifes", suspended in space and time, without gravity, cut, peeled, squeezed, a slice, a clove and remains color dominant: an optimistic yellow.

A realistic and domestic object that is surpassed and transformed, a change from reality to a free transformation. In his latest works the objects are represented mostly enlarged and this presupposes a double reading, spaced and close. At a close view, his paintings are not calligraphic as they might appear at a distance, but are of fast, expressive, deliberately light brush stroke. In his painting the importance of tradition is indisputable, forced however towards a very personal modernity, skilful in doing.

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