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1600 EUR





75 x 100 cm
29.53 x 39 in







Fine Art Paper Fowa Richard  ed. 1/8 + 2AP.

“Geometries” is a search for contrasts. On the one hand, the angular shapes of the solids with their static regularity, the precise angles and well-traced lines, and on the other, the liquid color, soft, sinuous, with dynamic and random fluid curves. And still ...  From one point of view, textures of opaque, pastel, and soft colors, and from another, saturated and smooth glosses of liquid tempera, revealing darting reflections.
And finally, the balance represented by the instant. Here, the various opposing elements interact, giving life to new shapes and geometries.

1975 Turin, Italy

Giorgio Cravero was born in 1975 in Turin, where he lives and works. Graduated in Visual Communication at the European Institute of Design, he began his career working as an architectural and still life photographer. Moving between traditional photography, digital and new technologies, he often combines several techniques to emphasize and communicate his way of perceiving objects and space, using light to describe the shape and materials.

In 2012, after having been a partner for two years, he fully acquires Studio Blu, one of the oldest and most prestigious still life Studio. He adds the exploration of new technologies and new media communication to the history and the tradition of professionalism and quality. He dedicates himself to the video production as well as photography, selecting a team that can provide a unique visual language declinable on different media.

He also completely renews the Studio, creating a structure able to follow every part of the workflow, from creativity to production and post-production. Lately, he’s more focused on Food and Beverage photography, shooting international campaigns all over the world.

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Milan, Via Curtatone, 4

Established in 2015 and located in the fashionable Milan’s city center, Expowall Gallery is a fine-art gallery focused on the representation of contemporary Italian photographers who mostly worked on landscape and architectural photography. The aim of Expowall, founded by Pamela Campaner and Alberto Meomartini, is to present and promote the Italian contemp...

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