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Multicolor, Floating Noise



130 x 130 cm
51 x 51.18 in







Acrylic and resin on wood

1977 Monza, Italy

Gianluca Patti was born in 1977 in Monza, where he currently lives and works. His research focuses on the study of colour and matter as tools for narrating personal experience and the temporal dimension. His self-taught study of the history of art has played a fundamental role in the evolution of his artistic research: at the beginning of his career he became fascinated by the pictorial work of great artists such as Pollock, Vedova and Basquiat, exploring their chromatic balance and seeking his own unique approach to colour, in the context of a personal research in continuous evolution. He was then attracted by the artistic currents of Arte Povera and the Readymade approach, fascinated by the decontextualisation and new life attributed to everyday objects. He thus began to study the materials most evocative of his own experience, represented, given his training and family background in the construction industry, by building materials, but using them as construction elements in his artistic process. The result is stratified works in which cement products, resins, nets and pigments become metaphors for sedimented memories and traces of the past. Gianluca Patti's work has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions and has become part of important contemporary art collections. The artist's transversal approach has also led him to collaborate on set designs in the advertising and interior design sectors and to be selected for art and business projects.

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