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Earth elements 1 of 2


Signed Dated Titled Framed

From the series Four Elements Series


70 x 100 cm
27.56 x 39 in







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Earth elements - Light effect 00029

Edition 0/30

Print: fine art print hahnemühle photo luster paper

Frame: 30mm face and 30mm depth


All photographs made for this theme reflect the most artistic and personal part of the compositions I create. The main features of these photos are: the clear and evident detachment between dark background and compositional theme, vivid and bright colors and shades, abstract or imaginary themes. The compositional structure is held at the right tension to create a balanced visual effect.  The techniques used for this type of photography are different but, mainly: long exposures and the motifs created with the light painting technique were used

All photos in this category are made with a medium format analog camera, the photographic compositions, therefore, are written and printed from film

1975 Bologna, Italy

Gianluca Nicoli started his artistic career in 2000 with fine art high school diploma and a few years later he was in Libera Accademia di Belle Arti (Florence) where he attended the course of professional photography. Passion for art has driven him ever since, to travel and learn the value of our culture but, even of distant and unknown cultures. This path pushed him to express what he learned in photographic and visual language in different experiences, in a continuous search for balance between respect for the rules and breaking of the compositional schemes; giving emphasis above all to the importance of colors and shadows in the image. In 2013 he created the Photo3.0 project, which collects the examples of a continuous compositional research which he is inspired by; artists and classical, modern and contemporary movements.

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Calderara di Reno (BO), Via Ferrovia 2/A

Photo3.0 is project started in 2013, which collects the examples of a continuous compositional research inspired by artists and classical, modern and contemporary movements....

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