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LDV 15

About LDV 15

Medium: cotton canvas from the Pyrenees area, broken down and recomposed by seam and/or glue. anilines and decolorants, acrylics, oil.
The body of work entitled LDV is an expressly created homage to Leonardo da Vinci, and consists of a series of paintings exploring the links between art and mathematics, space and harmony, proportion and beauty.

Gian Piero Gasparini technique involves in subtracting color from a uniform dark background. The silhouette of the subject will emerge from the dark with the use of various bleaches and a sense of detail and depth will be added later with the use of acrylics and oils. The canvas is a linen one of a selected brand unique in texture and strength, it sustains a particular preparation being cut into small square bits which are woven together and glued on a wooden sheet after being soaked in a dark color.

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