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Grey Forest


Single piece


120 x 120 cm
47.24 x 47 in





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Mixed media with Swarovski crystal

1977 , Brazil

Geovana Cléa was born in Brazil in 1977. She studied art and Italian language in Florence during the 90s. 

For more than twenty years, the artist presented her work internationally in various art scenes, among many New York, London, Amsterdam, Montecarlo, Basel, Milan, Lisbon, and Paris.

Along with numerous exhibitions, Geovana also participated with four paintings at the 54th Biennale di Venezia directed by Vittorio Sgarbi and won a prize at the National Salon des Beaux-Arts at the Louvre, in Paris. 

Geovana is an abstract expressionist and naturalist, she aims to recreate the natural effects of the Earth through her colors. She is deeply in love with water, wood, gold, crystals, quartz, and other types of rocks. In truth, these elements can be seen in all of her creations, reflecting the strong influence of Geology in her creative process.


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The world is constantly evolving, everything around us changes more or less rapidly but it changes. Change can be positive or negative, it can please us or not, but evolution is unstoppable. It sounds like a cliché but it is up to us to decide whether to ride these opportunities for change or be at the mercy of them. ...

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