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Abstract 3, 2019

From the series Lyrical Abstracts


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70 x 90 x 2 cm
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  • About the work

Abstract 5 is part of Gemma Jonker's 2019-2021 series of paintings, where she transitioned from semi-abstract landscape paintings to fully abstract paintings with natural elements such as leaves.

The problem with naming abstract paintings is that any name you give a painting detracts from the free form association inherent in all abstract paintings.
In this painting, Gemma uses a number of warm shades of red and orange, which are flattened at the bottom by dark pairs of horizontal lines. There are triangle elements that the eye pulls down in the painting.

She uses strongly contrasting lines to break through the colour and the painting. But also incorporates shapes and natural elements to create depth in the acrylic paint. Often an abstract painting has only one level. While a figurative painting often has a foreground, middle and background to create depth. Gemma uses lines and contrasting colours to create a three-dimensional space within this abstract work.

Her abstract paintings have more in common with lyrical abstraction. Lyrical abstraction was not a specific school or movement, but a tendency within Art Informel. You can understand it as an attempt at a balanced, elegant, animated or soothing style of abstract art. This style often contains something of our natural world. Like her use of leaves in her paintings. These leaves are in line with her earlier geometric abstract landscapes from 2008-2016.

Lyrical abstraction is often used with saturated colours, its harmonious, painterly beauty can contrast with the harsh, fear-ridden and dissonant images produced by other Art Informel groups such as Cobra or recent neo-expressionists.

About the Artists

1950 , Netherlands

Gemma Jonker is mainly a painter that also makes collages, aquarelles and pen drawings. We have curated a selection of her landscape paintings. Her faux-naif geometric landscapes are but a tip of the iceberg of what Gemma can do. Her current 2019-2021 lyrical abstract paintings are available at the gallery.

In the different genres that Gemma works in, it is natural that she has various styles. This variation is in part due to the inherent technical aspects of the creative technique. Although pen drawings and collages differ vastly from the act of painting, there is always an interplay between geometric and organic symbolic elements in the work she makes. Also, how Gemma combines geometric and figurative style is a fixed interplay in all her paintings.

This combination of line and colour is what sets her work apart. There is always a continuous interplay with lines and colour. Technically speaking, all composition is created through how the artist combines lines and colour. The way Gemma applies line and colour from organic to geometric composition result in very harmonious paintings. The words that spring to mind when looking at her landscapes are; joyful, light and happy. This lighthearted playfulness in her paintings is absolute magic. You can recognize her work by her use of lines in continuity with the whole of the composition. 

Gemma has had years to paint an reflect on her creative process. Gemma as a person and her artwork emanate a serene balanced beauty. She studied Art at the Koninklijke Academie Beeldende Kunst (KABK) in The Hague, focusing on model drawings, art history and design of fashion and textile patterns.

After her time at the KABK, she continued her art studies in the style of the Old Dutch Masters in Drawing. For many years Gemma has painted landscapes and travelled around The Netherlands and Europe for her "en Plein air"  paintings. Often this with a group of other artists, especially when travelling to Germany or France. Most notable about her work is how she is always busy creating Art. She often paints on location but also in her studio. Gemma is also continuously expanding on her technique, and she genuinely loves the creative process. This love also shows in her finished work. 

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