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Senza titolo 2 (Untitled 2)




60 x 100 cm
23.62 x 39 in







Oil on canvas

1953 Sorso (Sassari), Italy

Gavino Piana was born in 1953 in Sorso (Sassari - Sardinia), where he lives and works.
As a self-taught, he became passionate about art at a young age. The first paintings are the landscapes of his Sardinia.
Recent works are chronologies of singular experiences. A world that seems to live in the absence of man, in which his past is perceived. With discretion, it offers constant narratives that are evident to those who have followed its evolution. Today, as yesterday, he exalts a sociological reading stands out that connects gaze and social inequality.
Yesterday a child hovered his kite of hope in the air of the refugee camp, as a seal of helpless pain. The bare rooms, corridors and doors, windows that direct lights and shadows and, by subtraction or addition of the beholder, highlight specific details.
The warm paneling of a professional's studio, whose window overlooks the roofs allows you to look towards the outside world and, by reciprocity, peek inside. Period details that are chronologies of an experience - old hospital beds, cast iron radiators, furniture, damp stains and mold on the walls.
Atelier of artists, strong geometries: canvases to be painted, the painting that tells the naked canvas to tell a story. Then sequences of industry: disused plants that become landscape; the production den of a forge that is unthinkable today: man replaced by robotics.
Luckily? Or expropriated of his skills as a homo faber, Prometheus stripped of delirium?
A narrative that includes the external gaze in the narrative of the image, inviting it to look for details that characterize these abandoned environments. In the symmetries of the painting - a room, a bed, a sheet, a window - ghosts and sufferings linger. Presences loom, to be witnessed. Chronological misdirection, which in a mature age leads to rethink life lived: the wealth of experiences, second thoughts, corrections, complicities - and one wonders if there has always been diligence and good faith. It is a knowing through pictorial metaphors, a questioning through the artistic trait. The continuous inner excavation is a narration through details of a universe that the picture highlights: in that bed of yesterday there is the suffering of those who were guests.
The pictorial gaze is severe, selective, critical, aware, ethical. Empathetic.

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Trieste, Via Tivarnella 5

The Tivarnella Art is a contemporary art gallery, and its main interest is in promoting living Italian artists. Enea Chersicola has been working as an art dealer since 2012, and after gathering experience in the field, he decidede to establish his gallery in Trieste (Italy), in 2018. Tivarnella Art participates in various art fair all around Europe, organ...

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