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900 EUR

WynWood 13


Signed Dated



120 x 80 x 3 cm
47.24 x 32 x 1.18 in






Photography , Graphic Work

Silver photography by FrankSan.

Realized in multi-exposures instantaneous on the same place, the images are mixed in a unique mixed into a unique visual, metamorphosed and destructured.

Photo laminated on Dibond

The print is limited to 30 copies in all formats.

Each photograph is signed and numbered on the bottom right of the print.

1964 LYON, France

FrankSan's career started more than 20 years ago in advertising and in the studio world.

After an experience as a press portraitist, his personal history brought him to the Nippon archipelago and he has since dedicated a real passion to this country and especially to Tokyo where he lives three months a year.

Any artistic approach is crossed by a form of obsession.

His is located in the megalopolis where he tries to decode the urban universe by capturing details that give meaning to the images.

Since 2014 his street Photography work has been exhibited in Japan and France.

His images represent street scenes, architecture is omnipresent.

In 2019 he starts to test different techniques of shooting in overlay to prepare new exhibitions. The approach remains the same, it is an urban wandering but the multi-exposure of the negative on the same place allows to obtain an abstract and acidulous rendering. He does not use editing software, he transforms the street scenes by triggering images in bursts.

The METAMORPHOSE series begins in January 2020 in Miami's Wynwood neighborhood.

The images blend into a unique and indelible visual, the city is metamorphosed, destructured ...

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JLF Gallery was created to promote artists and to contribute to the diffusion of their paintings, sculptures and other works, without language or cultural barriers. The limited and targeted choice of artists presented is of course the result of the quality of the work and the human qualities of the artist but is also fed by my instinct and my emotions. Dedic...

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