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Boule de nerfs (Nerve ball) Discover the best available selection of photography by the artist François Leclerc. Buy from art galleries around the world with Kooness! Kooness
1200 EUR

Boule de nerfs (Nerve ball)


Dated Titled



116 x 89 cm
45.67 x 35 in






Photography , Prints

Photographic print on canvas, mounted on stretcher

Shooting date: 2014; Print on order

N. 2/5

, France

François Leclerc started with gouache and watercolor in 1972 until 1976. In the meantime, in 1975, he bought a camera to make a press-book, then some shots used as documents. And then, along the way, François decided to exploit this mode of expression which is not just a mechanical imitation of reality but a real interpretation, as subjective as drawing or painting can be. I quote: "By laziness, I am a lazy painter..." Well, yes, we have to wait for it to dry, clean the brushes etc. But what a boon for us and for photographic expression, that FL is lazy, it would not be, we would have, I am sure of it, wonderful paintings for example. 
We detect in FL's work the influence of Chinese masters such as Shitao (The single brush stroke ... " 
FL's work is composed of landscapes and plant motifs, he expresses with simplicity complex themes, such as the vastness of the world or the beauty of life. A clear vision leading to the root of things, a miniature rendering of a larger entity without losing anything, the little opposed to the abundance... (such are the words on the painting of the Bitter Pumpkin Monk by the painter Shitao.)
 The fundamental idea expounded by Shitao is that of the primordial role of the single brush stroke. This idea, stemming from Taoist thought and from Buddhism-Chan, is that the single brushstroke is at the origin of all painting and that it is in a way the quintessence of it. We find this value in the photograph "Thau" which represents the pond of Thau.  
Other influences such as Siskind who highlights details of nature and architecture. For him, these are surfaces that allow him to create new images totally independent of their original subject. His work is described as being halfway between photography and painting. This other part of FL's work is not on display tonight at the castle but is at the Vue sur Cours gallery next to Les Halles in Narbonne. I invite you later to come and discover these beautiful photos too.

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Narbonne, 5 bis cours Mirabeau

VUE SUR COURS offers showcase spaces for rent to local creators and artists in the Occitanie region. The selection of more than 50 artistic skills. The works of art and creation are exhibited and sold in the gallery. The Gallery-Boutique has taken over a former flat on the first floor where a cosy and intimate atmosphere now reigns. It is also a place to ...

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