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La broderie avec quatre chevaux Discover the best available selection of paintings by the artist François Gangémi. Buy from art galleries around the world with Kooness!
7000 EUR

La broderie avec quatre chevaux


Signed Framed

7000,00 €


105 x 147 cm
41.34 x 58 in







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Hand signed - Original.

1961 Antibes, France

François Gangémi was born in the south of France, a region where the warm light, the olive green, the yellow and ocher of the landscapes, the mild climate, the scents of the garrigue and the bon - vivant spirit constitute an almost ideal habitat for a painter. This environment certainly suits François Gangémi who, in his paintings, mixes with appetite, style and subjects, materials and colors, eroticism and nature. The result of powerful, exuberant imagery with a strong evocative power. From his paintings emanate the Mediterranean spirit and gluttony, characterized by an intense enjoyment of life. Gangémi is a painter of sumptuous gesture, the singer of the bistro, the worshiper of women, the acrobat of painting, the hero of brothels. In just two words, he invites us into the world of Joie de Vivre, to the art of biting life to the fullest. François Gangémi was born in the South of France, a region where the warm light, the olive greens, yellows and of the landscape, the pleasant climate, the smell of maquis and a sense of savoir vivre provide an almost natu ral sustenance for an artist . That's no less true of François Gangémi, who in his paintings hungrily imbues style and subject matter, use of materials and colors, eroticism and nature. The result: powerful, exuberant and evocative works. His paintings articulate a Mediterranean sense of intense joie de vivre. Gangemi is a painter of grand gestures, the crooner in the bar, the womaniser, the minstrel, champion of the brothel. In short, he invites us to participate in the world of Joie de Vivre. The Art of Bonhomie. Acqul Aegid Tonnaer

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