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Multicolor straws



100 x 100 cm
39.37 x 39 in







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Plastic straws on table

1980 Bologna, Italy

(Bologna, 1980)


The artist, who graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna in 2006, starting from microscopic observation of the tissues of living organisms, reconstructs their conformations in macro images of nature, creating site-specific works and installations composed of plastic materials of origin industrial, but also from everyday objects. His work is an unprecedented contemporary reworking of both the poor researches on materials and the Dadaism poetics of the object trouvé, as well as the explosive plastic energy of Pop Art. From the studied combination of straws, three-dimensional iridescent surfaces are created, similar to a cross-linked cells, animated by an optical-kinetic vibration that challenges the perceptive faculties of the observer. By placing the ear near the depths of the work, there is a strong sound absorption effect that attracts hearing. His Spiderballs, soft spherical structures with bright colors, are enveloped in voluminous protuberances to caress, hanging garlands on the walls, such as those made at the House of Peroni in London in 2014 and at the MOCA in London in 2016, or they develop in suspended cocoons, as in the installation at the Civic Museums of Monza, in 2015. In the Frappe, the neoprene is wrapped in sensual and tactile volutes, while the bristles are shaped in plastic gradients with a strong chiaroscuro effect, similar to the structures of minerals and crystals, which stimulate the sense of touch, in an experience of total sensorial involvement, such as that aroused with the installation of black bricks on the floor on which to walk, in the London branch of the Tornabuoni gallery, in 2016. Other times, in its installations, exploiting the malleability of expanded polyurethane, the artist wraps it in climbing tubular spirals or metal meshes, sews it on nylon cores . Other times, the artist creates intricate arabesques formed by the interweaving of silicone bracelets, balloons, cascades of multicolor elastics, like the one installed in the Spazio Thetis of the Venice Arsenal in 2010. The result is open space constructions, hovering between artifice and nature, animated by a strong internal dynamism. The artist counts numerous collaborations and exhibitions in museums and public and private institutions, such as the recidency promoted by the Henraux Foundation of Querceta (Lu), for which he created a monumental Frappa in marble of the Altissimo. Winner of the Cairo Prize in 2011, she has exhibited in New York, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Hong Kong, Miami Beach, the MAXXI in Rome, the Diocesan Museum in Brescia, the La Verde La Malfa Foundation in Catania, the Rice Museum in Palermo, Villa Bardini in Florence and the Esprit Nouveau Pavilion of Le Corbusier in Bologna. Over the years, he has been repeatedly invited to exhibit at the ArtCity Night event circuit, which revolves around the Artefiera Bologna exhibition, exhibits at the Fondazione Lercaro on the occasion of the Bildung exhibition, alongside artists such as Biasi, Bonalumi, Dadamaino and Scheggi. The artist has participated in the main exhibitions of contemporary art: Art Basel, FIAC. Foire Internationale d'Art Contemporain, at the Grand Palais & Hors les Murs in Paris, SWAB Barcelona and the Biennale Italia-Cina at the Reggia di Monza. His works can be found in the private collections of the Ghisla Art Collection Foundation of Locarno, the MOCA of London, the Diocesan Museum of Brescia, the Heritage of the Unipol Center of Bologna and the Thetis Foundation of Venice.

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