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Single piece Signed



46 x 33 cm
18.11 x 13 in






Drawings & Works on Paper

Mixed media on fine art paper

1940 , Spain



The present work of Roca Bon maintains harmony, equilibrium, and order; although his palette has darkened, he continues to maintain the optimistic breath that characterizes all his paintings. Roca Bon is now immersed in a search for a perspective which creates a deep and unique metaphysical atmosphere in each composition.

Even when he paints a landscape he subjects it to his transforming alchemy. In art if one wishes to progress, the passion for nature must be controlled. A rock will remain a rock if the hand of man does not intervene.

A contemporary iconography. The foundation of the icon is geometry, therefore his present work could be defined as a contemporary iconography.

An icon appears concrete, anti romantic, plain, simple, but it hides a meaning. One must know how to decipher the mysteries it conceals. The icon’s settings always appear flat and it’s perspective non realistic but in fact it has depth. Imagery expression is neither happy nor sad, (an indispensable feature for mystical or a spiritual art); it is simply serene.

“Similarly my present paintings are neither sad nor happy. They are spaces in which nature is transfigured.”

An interactive space for the senses. Roca Bon’s paintings require no interpretation. Each viewer according to his own receptivity may perceive their concealed mysteries.

“I desire in my painting to provide space for the viewer which respects his silence, and gives him the opportunity to freely discover the painting’s beauty and the sensations it provokes beauty, like good music requires time, space, so that the hearer can grasp it and transport it to the other senses. Only this way can its vibrations affect the soul.” This is what I expect of my painting: that they release a full range of sensations in the viewer. My over-arching concern is that my work creates a space to think and meditate. A space which is habitable, in which things can be transfigured.

The metaphysical connection: Roca Bon offers his art as an instrument to mediate between the visible world and the spiritual world.

“In my work I try to express the universal, not what is particular to one culture, race or religion the eternal search of both physical and metaphysical reality is a way to recognize the creative will of man a way to the transcendental nature of men a way to reach man’s transcendental nature I extract the timeless values of the past I attempt to empower the senses, not to oblige nor lead them”.

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Barcelona, Carretera del Mig 120, 08907 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat

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Ever After


50.8 x 50.8 x 3.8 cm

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20 x 20 cm

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150 x 150 cm

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