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Soy Sal de otro Mezcal


Single piece Signed



100 x 120 cm
39.37 x 47 in







Oil on Canvas

Hand signed by artist

COA Included

1982 , Chile

Self Taught artist with complementary sculpture and human anatomy studies in Buenos Aires, Argentina

I would describe my work as a search for painting, experimentation and recognition of material behaviour when facing a canvas. My main thematic is the process of painting itself, and through this process, I can express the different scenes that I represent.

Oil as a medium allows me to work with many layers and transparencies, and based on constant insistence, many causalities or “errors” are left, and those eventualities, for me, are what gives life to each piece. Throughout the time, I’ve learned how to control the behaviour of the materials, but always each work has a certain life, so the final piece has a freshness and looseness that is pleasing to the observer, despite that the image displayed somehow is disturbing.

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Walddorfhäslach, Gustav Werner Strasse 27

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