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1800 EUR



Single piece Signed Dated Titled



150 x 90 x 2.5 cm
59.06 x 35 x 0.98 in







1999 , Lithuania

Felicija Dudoit (b. 1999, Lithuania) is a painter who obtained her BA at the department of Painting at
Vilnius Academy of Arts in 2021. Since 2018 she has participated in group exhibitions and has also held
three solo exhibitions. Felicija Dudoit’s paintings often depict empty, open spaces, pervaded by both
gentle melancholy and a sense of tension, casting doubts on the reality of the moment. When searching
for motifs for her paintings she mentally juxtapose the objects seen with other objects, surroundings
and events. In this way, places are created in the paintings that cannot be visited, since their precise
location becomes impossible to determine. A new space is created that does not exist in reality. People
passing by and objects become part of a cultural, not of a natural, landscape.

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Boy with a Ball

Paintings 170 x 130 x 2.5cm

2200,00 €

Beach Umbrellas

Paintings 180 x 130cm

2200,00 €


Paintings 120 x 80 x 2.5cm

1400,00 €


Vilnius, Rasų 115

Contour Art Gallery is a gallery on tour aiming to represent its artists by looking for the best possible places to exhibit their works. Artistic ideas and their expression vary so greatly that one fixed space alone isn’t capable of presenting art in its best setting. The constant change of exhibition spaces not only creates new contexts for the artists’...

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The Red Book


100 x 70 x 3 cm

2500,00 €