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Spiriti di natura

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Spiriti di natura, 2019


8000,00 €

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180 x 190 cm
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Acrylic on canvas

This is a unique work

About the Artists

1972 Parma, Italy

Federica Rossi's works, as the historian Philippe Daverio describes, are characterised by a "shamanic" gesture, which can perceive "the beginnings of the created world" and which "physically traverses the landscape, from primordial magma to the first genesis of life". The link between art and biology has been very strong since the very beginning of our history, and particularly in the contemporary contingency, artistic practice has often been identified with the very life of the individual, removing all barriers between the natural elements and man. Federica Rossi is linked to this interesting trend, which takes the natural and earthly world as a reference, combining it with the spiritual, enriching it with the gesture of informal painting and at the same time renewing it with an extremely contemporary manner and freshness. In his works the memory of his own origins, the very sense full of mystery and wonder of human life, eternal but at the same time destined to become extinct. One breathes a research and study of Buddhist philosophy that the artist has personally consolidated for over ten years. The strength of the works is expressed above all on large dimensions and is already disruptive at first glance, containing the same emotional violence as the mystery of birth, the enigma of our entire existence, incomprehensible and fascinating, as complex as it is immense. Thanks to his creative investigation, life flows in front of us, we can grasp it or just observe it. All this reminds us of our flowing in the world, a power in action that no one can avoid or cancel. 

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