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1150 EUR



Dated Titled



100 x 100 cm
39.37 x 39 in







Fine art Huhne print met matte finish, full colour

1961 , Poland


One of the typical style features of Ewa's work is the nostalgic, almost Rembrandtian light. Ewa is always looking for this nostalgia because – as she says herself – 'this nostalgic atmosphere gives me a certain degree of peace in this world that is becoming faster and more hectic. I hope this has the same effect on those who look at my images." Today, the post-processing of an image is also an important part of 'one's own signature'. This is why Ewa develops her own filters in Photoshop. In the constant urge to develop herself – without getting entangled in a strictly defined style – Ewa opens her soul and senses to be inspired. An old film or painting… it can just light up lights that are then translated into an image with Ewa signature.

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Blue Angel

Prints 80 x 120cm

1050,00 €


Prints 100 x 100cm

1150,00 €


Prints 80 x 120cm

1050,00 €

Matrix I

Prints 80 x 120cm

1050,00 €

Matrix II

Prints 80 x 120cm

1050,00 €


North Miami Beach, FL, 791 NE 125 th St

The Contemporary Art Modern Project, (The CAMP), focuses on bringing exposure to the artist, without exposing the artist to exploitive practices rampant in the art world. Also part and parcel of this new venture is The Camp Gang, who through their own unique and creative insight add to the fresh approach of marrying the online world with the traditional art ...

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Dolomites #1


70 x 100 cm

3200,00 €