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8800 EUR
4.2 5 20



Single piece Signed Titled



150 x 70 x 5 cm
59 x 27.56 x 1.97 in







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Canvases made by ancient imprimitura methods highlight the masterful blending of techniques. China and gold leaf marry in acrylic backgrounds outlining pure and elegant harmonies. Layered technical execution relies on studied processes ensuring highquality craftsmanship and particular refinement throughout the research project

1978 Livorno, Italy

Eva Ciuti was born in Livorno, where she attended the “Arti Evasive” atelier.

Her technique is characterized by the use of different media mixed together, like oil, acrylic and Indian ink. After having studied realistic representation for years, she specialized on a mixed technique on canvas and paper, dedicating herself to transfiguration.

Greek mythology nourishes and inspires her works, and it is often also a source of inspiration for the titles of her artworks.

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Trieste, Via Tivarnella 5

The Tivarnella Art is a contemporary art gallery, and its main interest is in promoting living Italian artists. Enea Chersicola has been working as an art dealer since 2012, and after gathering experience in the field, he decidede to establish his gallery in Trieste (Italy), in 2018. Tivarnella Art participates in various art fair all around Europe, organ...

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