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Flechas horizontales (Horizontal arrows)


Single piece Signed Dated Titled



73 x 60 cm
28.74 x 24 in







During the Spanish Civil War in the 1950s, the art world was transformed by great Spanish artists such Antonio Saura (1930-1998) and Antoni Tapies (1923-2012), that inspired by surrealism and american abstract expressionism, led to a type of unconventional artwork. An abstract artwork, with dense textures, with a range of neutral colors and with poor and ephemeral materials such as earth and cardboard. 

As part of this circle of artists, Estartus began an artistic revolution through his materialistic and informal artwork. He leaves behind the old tradition of separating the canvas from the artwork in favor of uniting them into a single piece like a wall. By investigating the materials and experimenting with them, he creates a three-dimensional artwork. Using the support as a wall, he makes incisions, grooves, and perforations. He applies the technique of grattage, and leaves traces of the passage of time with the changing material, such as rusted metal. 

An artist's strong tendency towards informalism is evident in this artwork with transgressive character. By using a spontaneous technique, he creates this artwork through a process of abstraction; guided by the passion and emotion of the moment. The support is handled conventionally, and the cardboard cuttings will be what bind the belly of the canvas, its body. This planar bandaging will inevitably take us to Malevich and possibly to analytical cubism. In any case, the content of the canvas has connotations that seek a precise alphabet, like in a mobile image, in a visual world where social communication is still planned through the graphic language of signs. 

1949 Barcelona, Spain

Estartús began painting as soon as can be expected from someone who considers our lives and the act of doing it inextricably linked. He always enjoyed success in both of his parallel careers, one in the medical filed and his artistic one. Earlier on his art shifted from realistic to abstract, always basing the work on the treatment of materials, textures, colors and shapes and beauty as the common thread, then evolved and both figuration and abstraction coexist. Death, the unknown, the soul, mystery, and anxiety about the speed at which our existence can end are themes that run throughout his artwork. He is one of the best representatives of contemporary painting, an existentialist capable of conveying the desire to seek the meaning of everything with his art and of reinvention with each series he creates. Dynamic, yet into psychoanalysis and introspection, he fully immerses himself in the creative process and uses materials as varied as oil and acrylic paint, grease pencils, wax crayons, graphite and Chinese ink, burlap, wood, synthetic fibers, tar, vinyl, corduroy, sand or metal on paper, cardboard, canvas, wood and metal plates. His works of art have been selected and curated by exhibitors around the globe.

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Sitges, Carretera Sant Pere de Ribes,32

Corner4art today, remains an art gallery run by an art dealer business family, whose members are proud to continue being a reference point for collectors of Fine Art, Comic Art, Animation Art and collectible memorabilia since 1998, distributing art for discerning collectors worldwide, now from our base of operations in Sitges, a lovely seaside town South of ...

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Sans Titre 1


70 x 100 x 4 cm

2400,00 €

Krisis 2


100 x 55 x 5 cm

600,00 €



18 x 28 x 3 cm

1050,00 €