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2125 EUR
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The Matter


Single piece Signed Dated Titled Framed



27.6 x 31.5 x 0.3 cm
11 x 12.40 x 0.12 in







This is a contemporary collage with a rough surface. It uses oil paint, cloth & rope to tell a story it is concerned about and brings a feel of industriality, but in a more harmonious sense. The surface is crafted in such a way to offer the sensation of visualizing many small pieces of matter that we meet in everyday life, scattered around on a single surface. The palette consists of only two colors - light blue turquoise and earthy pale sienna. They are close to pastel tones. This is an experiment and meditation about relationship between physical and spiritual realities, walking on the line where these two worlds merge.

, Georgia

Through his paintings, Georgian artist, ErekleChinchilakashvili, attempts to research the constant flux and fragility of the human condition. Using expressive combinations of palettes and textures, Chinchilakashvili explores his own identity and self's relation to historical or fictional narratives.


Erekle's paintings are primarily based on his drawings, often loose interpretations of his Black&White photographs. Erekle's artworks incorporate vinylic emulsion, charcoal, and oil paints. In his art, ideally, he wants to initiate poetic dialogue between the present, or his current understanding of it, and the past. This is what is shaping him as a human being. He is trying to research these non-tangible processes.


Apart from painting, Chinchilakashvili works in collage, installation, and other experimental mediums. His key influences come from various eclectic sources. He is an admirer of Paul Gauguin, Henri Matisse, Marlene Dumas, and Georgian wall paintings.

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