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About the impossibility of organizing a monument in memory (Slasher Painting) I


Single piece Dated Titled


250 x 130 cm
98.43 x 51 in







Oil on canvas

1973 Holguín, Cuba

My work arises from the language of abstraction, with particular emphasis on geometry, as a graphic paraphrase of the contemporary urban environment. I consider that the ideology that makes up the contemporary social organization makes us coexist in geometric spaces of complex multifunctional subdivisions; these, in their structure, promise stability, proportion, comfort and social order. Experimenting in the confrontation of this principle constitutes one of my fundamental objectives.


I am interested in the representation and presentation of a scene obsessed and submerged in the already damaged geometric ideal, off-center social landscape, become fragmentation, forced embrace, saturation, illusion, alteration of meaning, ABSTRACTION.


Lives and works in Havana, Cuba


1997 Graduated in the specialty of Painting at the Higher Institute of Art (ISA), Havana, Cuba.

1992 Graduated from the medium level in Visual Arts at the School of Fine Arts of Holguín.

1988 Graduated from the elementary level in Visual Arts at the Holguín Vocational School of Art.

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Zurich, Rämistrasse 33

ArteMorfosis is a gallery and virtual platform for Cuban art in Zurich. Founded in April 2015, ArteMorfosis initially focused on presenting well-established Cuban artists. Since 2017 we expanded our approach and included emerging and mid-career artists as well as displaying group exhibitions curated by experienced Cuban curators. Since 2019 we have been push...

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FamA 2


60 x 60 cm

2500,00 €