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The Twin


Dated Titled



40 x 47 cm
15.75 x 19 in






Prints , Drawings & Works on Paper

Mixed technique on hardboard.

"The Infanta Maria Teresa of Spain" is considered one of the best portraits of Velazquez. The figure of the future Queen of Spain who was inspired by Enrico Pambianchi, showing his subject in a majestic pose, in a bright dress against a black background. The seriousness and formality of the real figure, however, is reinterpreted in a key dark and deforming: the vertebrae that emerge from her womb reveal the ectoplasm of a twin and they tell a different story. With the arrogance of a stick with the handle of skull, the future ruler crushes hidden secrets like a Samurai warrior would do to kill a dragon. A hybrid culture in which the East and West join forces in a mysterious work and left.

1969 Ostellato di Ferrara, Italy

Enrico Pambianchi was born at Ostellato di Ferrara in 1969. He is a self-taught, young and eclectic artist who tries many techniques and styles, using different materials.

At the beginning fe was a figurative painter inspirated by classical art and overall by the art of Wainer Vaccari and Remo Brindisi. From 2000he changes his style: at first he experiment with the informal and abstract painting, at last he is an informal figurative artist who works with mixed techniques.

His favourite subjects are protagonists of comics and historical personalities: from Captain America to Steve Rogers and Frankenstein (the modern "Prometeus" for Pambianchi). He revisits masterpieces by great Spanish masters like Rembrandt and Velazquez and he also works on movie sets by Michelangelo Antonioni.

He is specialized in collages. He uses resin, oil, liquefied plastic, engraving, pastel. He starts from a photographic picture and he divides it into squares as though he had to do a prospective work. Then he revisits the subject with painting, cutting newspapers, essential notes on the board of canvas which help observants to understand the ironic and sarcastic meaning of the work. 

He defines his style "Iperrealismo Visionario" because he represents historical and modern icons or disquieting personality of pop culture who are looking for release. Popular subjects who recover peace and calm through a great irony which separates them from their distressing nature.

Some works of him are conserved in private collections (Rina Cavallini - Sgarbi's mother and an important collector of Florence) and at the Civic Gallery of Ferrara.

"May Frankenstein wear bermuda shorts with rose flowers to redeem himself? May Mickey Mouse represent Schutzstaffel of Hitler? May San Sebastiano martyrdom by Mantegna happen in Lakehurst (New Jersey) under plumbean skies? May Captain America (Steve Rogers) spare the tagic event of LZ 129 Hindenburg? Have you ever seen "Las Meninas" by Diego Velazquez crying blood?

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Milano, Via Carlo Pisacane 36

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