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Single piece Signed Dated Titled



105 x 140 cm
41.34 x 55 in







1987 London, United Kingdom

Emma O’Rourke (b. 1987) is an Irish artist based in London. Her practice focuses on drawing and painting, delicately assembling often indistinguishable forms – multiple unraveled conversations – an insight into her own history intertwined with moments from popular culture.  O’Rourke’s work is inspired by the history of Irish migration to London, the mental health challenges faced, and the traditions and values passed down without explanation. She speaks of a sense of displacement – not British but without an Irish accent – identifying with the Irish diaspora.  

Her work is fuelled by stories, both autobiographical and anecdotal, moments and memories without physical shape – acknowledging the limitations of language. Her practice turned a pivotal point after the birth of her son in 2018 fuelling a sense of urgency and newfound relevance. Her drawings and paintings express a yearning to make sense of the past through our messy day-to-day existence.

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London, -

Cicek Gallery is an independent art gallery start-up founded in 2021 by one of its resident artists, Berfin Cicek. The gallery represents emerging artists yet to be discovered by the world. Cicek recognises that the art world can be very challenging for ambitious artists. Her aim is to handpick artists on the journey of becoming established and to give th...

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