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400 EUR

Ghosts in the Machine


Single piece Signed Dated Titled

From the series The Ophelia Series



20 x 30 cm
7.87 x 12 in







Ghosts in the Machine is one of a series of experimental works by the artist exploring mental health and emotion. There is a deliberate attempt to create a sense of emptiness, of faded and subtle forms which float upon the surface; in but not of the work, symbolising disconnection from spatial and physical realities. The pages are torn from a Magnificat, representing the experience of religiosity and the mirror of this emptiness, and how many strive for many in the spiritual.

Ultimately, however, this series of works is an expression of empowerment, of strength through adversity.

1972 London, United Kingdom

Elizabeth Hefty-Khoury is a London born writer and artist, and co-owner of Bloom Gallery in Valencia, Spain. Her work is a symbolic interpretation of the body. Issues such as grief, mental illness, violence, and inequality inform her use of the corporeal as a representation of the emotional being. As well as an MFA in Painting, Elizabeth holds a MA in Celtic Studies, and her interest in comparative mythology forms an important part of her research methodology. She believes that a painting holds multiple narratives, interpretable through different viewpoints and experience. Her figures are deliberately fragmented and abstracted, faceless and often with gender ambiguous.

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Valencia, Calle Luis Oliag 17

Bloom Gallery is a British/Lebanese run art space in Valencia, Spain, existing in both the real and the virtual worlds. The gallery believes that art is a unifying force, a universal language which crosses borders - linguistic, cultural, spatial - transfiguring both practitioner and viewer. Our primary focus is on creativity connectivity and place and cultur...

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