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Color Origami Spiral II


Single piece Signed Dated Titled Framed

From the series Origami



109.22 x 73.66 x 5.08 cm
43 x 29.00 x 2.00 in





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Archival pigment print
One of a kind mounted on aluminum, frame

This of one of a kind intervened artworks produced in 2009 and 2010 marks Isaza's artistic shift from traditional fashion photography into fine art. It was at this time that Isaza began to explore beyond the camera lens through the process of applying physical interventions onto his printed images, using paint, crayon, tape, graphite and other such unconventional materials. This process gave him an avenue to explore photography to a larger developed scale, giving space for his female subjects to be depicted with more of a sense of grandeur.

Isaza, one of Colombia’s most influential fashion photographers, initially studied fashion design. He united his interest in fashion with one of his earliest passions: photography. Graceful female figures lounge in fashionable poses. Paper costumes that seem borrowed from Oskar Schlemmer’s triadic ballet make the ballerinas look like marionettes. Their dislocation recalls the puppets Hans Bellmer featured in his surreal photographic experiments. The allusions evoked in the imaginative creations of Colombian Fashion photographer Isaza are diverse: he cites and alienates an arsenal of styles before melding them into new compositions of a one of a kind artwork. It might be a certain scene, a poem, a petal of a flower, or the idea of a person that inspires new work. His passion for breaking the boundaries of traditional fashion photography is palpable in each of Isaza’s unique works. He is less concerned with fashion than the image, the play of contrasts and the magic and the emotions sometimes saturnine, sometimes buoyant, sometimes surreal, and yet always beguiling that the image transports.

Bogota, Colombia

As an artist Efren works in between photography, painting, drawing, and collage, blurring the boundaries between them, creating a world where the analog and digital coexist in a constant tension. The human body is always present in his artworks, transformed and constructed as a result of mankind´s conflict with their own bodies so he presents the surpass of the natural body in favor of the concept of a built and manipulated beauty. Sometimes those bodies appear transgressed in an explicit and crude manner or as an illusion of perfect or extreme beauty; sometimes they appear as satires to his own or collective imaginary beauty and sometimes as an attempt to exhaust the production of images that have already been produced. Even in his fashion editorials, He transgresses photography as an objective medium, distorting the body’s anatomy and breaking the mimesis of the image. In spite of the anatomical deformation, the body vulnerability, the instability of a sought beauty, and the deconstruction and construction of a new body, the resulting image appears as a perfect illusion simulacrum.

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Miami Beach, The Governor at Artecity Park. 435 21st Street

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