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2250 EUR

"Water lily"


Single piece Signed Dated Titled



120 x 80 cm
47.24 x 32 in







This type of work by Romaguera is very striking since from close range you can only see loose drawings but as you move away from the work, you see that all those stripes and loose drawings, have formed a complete work where you can see people, landscape, objects, etc.

1976 , Spain

Eduardo Romaguera practices painting, photography, sculpture and the arts of video. Thanks to a scholarship by the Mexican government, he did an exchange in Mexico, and then finished his studies in visual arts in Valencia. He currently lives and works in Marseille, France.

In his pictorial compositions, Eduardo Romaguera evolved in a figurative universe, in which he developed his artistic language. He lets himself be guided by his inspiration, painting what he loves. The city is therefore a fertile source of inspiration, whether it is Marseille or New York. "That is my particular way of doing things. You should note that this process of creating a canvas is not completely mechanical, it is necessary to take into account several different parameters simultaneously. Poetry unites them, makes them timeless and allows me to transmit a thought in a transparent way", says the artist about his work.

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