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40 x 50 cm
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, Italy

Dissenso Cognitivo is a project born in 2012 that examines changes in living organisms and the environment in a distant and dehumanized future, through the language of urban art. The infinite possibilities of future are a constant speculation on what could befall humanity within five thousand years. Modified anatomies capable of rethinking nature, creating OGM beings, flesh and metal that clashes and become genetically contaminated in sensory oxymorons. The bound between human and non-human decays, declaring anthropocentrism finally dead. The imagination on which he draws becomes deeper through accurate anatomical research, technological speculations and references to Science Fiction literature. The murals are located in various italian and foreign cities, but not only on the walls, even on the rough surfaces of billboards and metal panels.  The artist's research investigates deeply current issues and illustrates an apparent archeology of a dystopian future, populated by characters and entities with technological anatomies, victims of an extremely industrialized society. In our time, these issues dialogue with new generations, aware that the world around them necessarily needs a revolution that gives voice to all those elements that generated it. Furthermore, the primordial spirit of matter takes shape in the works of Dissenso Cognitivo and tries to rediscover its identity through a transformation that finds its strength in rust. 

The artist took part at many institutional and alternative events of the Street-Urban-Graffiti-Mural Art scene such as "Subsidenze", "Shit Art Fair and Siege", "Urban Canvans", "Vedo a Colori", "SCAP", "Selvatico", "Peripheral Vision" , "Restart", "Ungeniert / Engagiert", "Музей стрит-арта".

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Ravenna, Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 35

MAG – Magazzeno Arte Contemporanea is an art gallery committed to display and promote (extra) contemporary urban and fine art. Founded in Ravenna in 2016 by Alessandra Carini, the gallery focuses on works influenced by urban environments, pop culture, graphics and illustration. The gallery wants to bring this form of arts to a wider audience, trying to el...

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40 x 50 cm

900,00 €

Golden Amor


80.01 x 59.94 x 5.08 cm

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