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Tableaux de la nature


Dated Titled

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500 x 80 cm
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Authenticity is in the reference
The theme of the periphery is always accompanied by a sense of necessity, as if for an unsolved problem that cannot - even if many try - forget. The suburbs are "the back rooms of contemporary metropolises", where the waste of progress is deposited and for this reason the places where it is still possible to find a shred of humanity.
It is useless to mention the masterpieces of the history of art and neo-realist cinema that observed and chose the outskirts of the cities as the scene on which to tell the comedy of the life of men.
In cinema there is still a sort of tradition whereby being able to “steal” the secrets from the masters and make them one's own is considered an act of talent but also of devotion. In architecture and painting, on the other hand, at least judging from what has been produced lately, an opposite will seems to prevail to prove oneself alone and without fathers, with the opposite e ect of "copying badly", hiding one's sources but also own identity.
This series of works and studies by Dino De Simone shows us instead that it is possible to question the legacies of the masters of the twentieth century and nevertheless retain its own authenticity.
The references in his narrative paintings are never hidden but evident as real fragments. The distortions they undergo are necessary to preserve this authenticity, to make them connect with other referents, to construct the picture and its meaning.
Some will accuse them of being nostalgic in reviewing some obsessively repeated references, but they are wrong, because perhaps today, faced with the inconsistency of many contemporary Milanese works, whose ideas have roots as short as the vases that welcome them, the only way to to be modern is precisely to be silently in the rear to build a common ground of meaning for everything that does not yet exist, but that will have to happen.
Luca Cardani


, Italy

DINO DE SIMONE studies architecture in Naples where he participates with Michele Capobianco's group in the competition for the new business center. In Venice he attended Aldo Rossi's Composition course, resuming his interest in painting at the Academy with Emilio Vedova. With one of his projects, he participates in the International Art Competition for the UNI Dufour University building in Geneva exhibited at the Geneva History Museum. At the Politecnico di Milano at the Faculty of Architecture he collaborated, in 1995, as an expert on the subject, in the seminars of the Architectural Design course.
For the Liguria Region he created the image of the exhibition "Devotion and the sea" (1999). Between 1994 and 1997 he exhibited at the fairs of: Turin (Lingotto-Artissima), Milan (Miart) and at the Milan Triennale (1997 and 2004).
Since 2003 with Gabriella Anedi he has curated the "La Contea di Levante" landscape review with recent exhibitions in York (Castle Howard), Scarborough (Crescent Art Gallery), Murnau (Galleria Fiedler), Prague (Galleria Scarabeus), Copenhagen (Istituto Italiano di Culture), Amsterdam (MBL Gallery), Budapest (PostArt Gallery).


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Milano, Piazzale Tripoli, 9

FiberArtAnd is a contemporary art gallery founded in 2008 in Milan by Gabriella Anedi with the aim of promoting the knowledge and dissemination of fiber art and artists who work, exclusively or predominantly, with flexible materials, natural and artificial fibers. The traditional activity of the gallery is flanked by the collaboration with public and privat...

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