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1248 EUR

Pele de Onça


Single piece Signed Dated



100 x 100 x 3 cm
39.37 x 39 x 1.18 in




Acrylic , Paintings



Jaguar skin painting that is the temperance of his genius that runs in search of what he wants.

Acrylic painting on canvas

1974 São Luis - Maranhão, Brazil

Because of a passion for colours, she started acrylic paintings on canvas in the year 2007. Abstract drawings, flowers, imaginary faces and geometries, are part of the various inspiring works to convey special emotions.

Currently she has added works with gouache painting techniques, spray and digital art, for further artistic expansion. 

For Diana Bezerra, to transmit colours is to live or feel infinite immensity. But when finishing a work, singularly devotional, visually generates a well being that transforms into visual therapy.



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Fortaleza, Av. Antônio Sales 1885, Sala 302, Dionísio Torres

DB Gallery - Diana Bezerra , is a gallery started in 2021 with exclusive works of Diana Bezerra, after 14 years of personal artistic work. Acrylic paintings, abstract drawings, flowers, imaginary faces, geometry and digital art are the main genuine arts of Diana Bezerra on canvas exhibited in the gallery. A passion for colour that overlaps in totality of th...

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