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16500 EUR


The Big Duck





90 x 90 x 120 cm
35.43 x 35 x 47.24 in







Resin and Fiberglass

Open edition

Condition: New

Signature: Stamped by artist's estate, back

Certificate of authenticity: Included

1960 Toledo, Spain

Eladio de Mora-Granados, dEmo, is one of the most original creators on the Spanish art scene. Born in Mora, Toledo, in 1960. A self-taught artist, dEmo's concerns began when he conceived a doll with springs, nuts and tweezers. A great art connoisseur and enthusiast, he is also known for his role as a collector. A multidisciplinary artist, he has focused his work fundamentally on sculpture, which he conceives, above all, to be exhibited in public spaces. dEmo manages to turn everyday elements, common utensils and toys rescued from our collective memory into authentic icons. This iconization of the domestic is one of the main hallmarks of this artist's work. Bears, ducks, divers, flowers, rhinoceroses, cows, pigs, cats, robots, with bright flat colors that can reach enormous dimensions and often repetitions of the same element, populate the visual world of dEmo, which tries to seduce the public with humor, to achieve greater ecological awareness, without losing sight of the fact that sculpture is not an object, but rather a question and a motor of thought.

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BARCELONA, c/ Valencia 210

Founded in 2019, Casa Estudio Granados is a contemporary art space in the modernist heart of Barcelona. It operates online and through physical exhibitions. Their mission is to offer a new approach to discovering and buying contemporary art, one that aims to be transparent and accessible. Casa Estudio Granados supports artists at all stages of their caree...

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