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Prise de Tête Discover the best available selection of artworks by the artist David Ferreira. Buy from art galleries around the world with Kooness!
690 EUR

Prise de Tête


Signed Dated Titled Framed

690,00 €


36 x 46 x 4 cm
14.17 x 18 x 1.57 in







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Prise de Tête, 2021⁠
264, 343-stitch embroidery⁠
Hand signed by the artist ⁠
Edition of 12⁠

1982 , France

David Ferreira is a French painter born in 1982.

He took some painting lessons as a child but never studied art in higher education. It is in total autodidact that the young artist forms with the creation. Influenced by his father, who worked as a carpenter, David Ferreira turned to building design and began a career as a surveyor.

Drawing soon became more important than building and David Ferreira began to paint. His passion for geometric art and mathematics would define his art and style. Equations with several unknowns, round and triangular square shapes, puzzles... became his favourite motifs. From an arithmetic sign, David Ferreira creates a figurative painting on canvas. This is how Toto, his flagship protagonist, was born, straight out of the playground.

Although he draws his inspiration from science and rigour, his art is instinctive, generally starting from a task that he will develop and let live on his canvas. David Ferreira loves passion and makes it felt through his works. He will let the paint spill over the edges of the painting, revealing it in three dimensions, giving the impression that the canvas pre-exists the wall that supports it.

For more meticulous works, such as his works based on the famous game of Rubiscube, a multicoloured cube from the 1980s, the artist will still draw up a sketch in his mind or lines that he will be able to follow on the canvas to meet the requirements of perspective.

Without hesitation, materials rub shoulders with colours and nourish geometric forms. Fabric, leather or metal can support the canvas in its relief. The artist will swap the brush for a trowel, a knife or simply use his fingers if he feels like it. Very active in front of his canvas, he needs to stand back and let his gesture express itself, which is why he prefers large formats to small ones, giving him more freedom.

Now covered with a glossy varnish, the canvases are revealed in all their colours and movements. The visual changes as the day progresses, it sparkles. His work and his career may remind us of Basquiat in certain respects, a source of inspiration for David Ferreira who does not fail to make reference to him in his work.

David Ferreira's paintings are recognisable by his signature, but also by his fetish number, 15. The number 15 has a great symbolic value for the artist and his family. It refers to happy events and follows the artist in each of his paintings.

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