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960 EUR
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Pop Elizabeth Vs Wallpaper

Single piece Signed

From the series Omaggio a Jiri Kolar



70 x 70 cm
27.56 x 28 in




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Three-dimensional collage on board

Dario Murri is an Italian artist who uses the collage technique to create unique and original works of art. In his most famous collages Murri has combined elements of found images with hand-painted elements, creating a surreal, dreamlike world full of intriguing colors and details. His compositions are filled with natural elements such as forests, rivers and animals, as well as man-made elements such as cars, dolls, houses and street signs. The end result is an extraordinary work of art that captures the imagination and invites the viewer to discover hidden details.

The work "Pop Elizabeth Vs Wallpaper" belongs to the "Homage to Jiri Kolar" series produced by the artist. Similar to the other works presented in this series, sotric characters, artworks, objects and animals come together in a seamless metamorphosis.Here we are faced with a decomposed portrait of Queen Elizabeth I of England, an iconic and hieratic figure, made "Pop" by a greater saturation and emphasis of colors, much more vivid than the original, which blend with the patterns of two wallpapers, in a play of overlays and transparencies.

The technique used by the artist to create this work consists of a print made on fabric then manually applied by collage on board.

The work is signed on the back of the board.

, United States

The multifaceted Dario Murri, a multi-talented intellectual, is a journalist, author and host of radio and television programs. After completing classical studies, he graduated in Architecture from the Milan Polytechnic. His long experience in the world of design and art, ancient, modern and contemporary, has prompted him to manifest his creativity through original works, the expression of an inner and outer quest, as well as a constant observation and elaboration of society and its evolutionary dynamics. Dario Murri is a character of difficult categorization, who draws, by generational and other affinities, from POP culture and its imagery, but nevertheless allows decidedly "darker" and "deeper" themes to shine through them.

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Milano, Via Carlo Pisacane 36

Pisacane Arte is a contemporary and modern art gallery situated in Milan. With over 300 mq of space, the gallery organizes exhibitions, events and cultural conferences in order to encourage the encounter between artists, collectors and art lovers. The art gallery offers artworks by historicized and emerging artists, with a particular attention to pop and st...

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