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Looking to the future neon blue


From the series After Glory



120 x 80 cm
47 x 31.50 in






Chromaluxe on aluminum

This project by Darrio Murri, titled "Looking to the future bw," belongs to the "AFTER GLORY" series, made with a chromaluxe digital photographic printing technique on aluminum.

In this version of the work, the use of the color neon blue makes it even more emotionally charged with drama, exacerbating the contrast between the fake smiles of the abandoned baby girls.

The work is embedded within an analysis (in a POP key) regarding the concept of the ephemeral, focusing in particular on toys as objects of consumption: first desired and loved, then forgotten and abandoned. They represent the perfect example of consumer society. A fate, that of toys/consumer goods, which does not escape even the most popular of dolls, which nevertheless always sports, even in the worst conditions, its best smile. A photographic collection in which the artist has tried to capture the condition of these objects, inanimate but somehow alive, caught in almost "human" attitudes (just as they are, without being posed), eager to return to the glory of the past.

The work is signed and numbered on the back 1/5

, United States

The multifaceted Dario Murri, a multi-talented intellectual, is a journalist, author and host of radio and television programs. After completing classical studies, he graduated in Architecture from the Milan Polytechnic. His long experience in the world of design and art, ancient, modern and contemporary, has prompted him to manifest his creativity through original works, the expression of an inner and outer quest, as well as a constant observation and elaboration of society and its evolutionary dynamics. Dario Murri is a character of difficult categorization, who draws, by generational and other affinities, from POP culture and its imagery, but nevertheless allows decidedly "darker" and "deeper" themes to shine through them.

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