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Gerhard Richter


Single piece Dated Titled



100 x 100 cm
39.37 x 39 in







Acrylics, resin, phosphorescence, on wooden board.

Condition: Perfect. First hand item.

Danny Giesbers is a Dutch, autodidact abstract painter who incorporates 21st century developments into his abstract paintings. His self-developed technique and process are partially algorithmic, and partially intuitive. While working with chance, Giesbers attempts to guide his works by the choice of materials and through execution of his meditative application of each layer. His emotional state and level of focus play an important part in the execution and its result.
Aesthetically, Giesbers strives to make his works appear futuristic, and digital, though they are fully analogue. His Shifts paintings evoke serenity, dissonance, harmony and change. For this series, Giesbers mobilizes phosphorescent paints to create luminescent fields of color that glow in the dark, causing a literal shift in perspective as conditions change. Rather than being objects of passive viewing, the Shift paintings take an active role to make a statement about transformation, and the interrelationships between forces and elements in the physical world. Giesbers refers to this work as Transformative Abstraction."

, Netherlands

At the age of 30, Dutch autodidact artist Danny Giesbers rediscovered his passion for art in 2016, more than a decade after he briefly flirted with painting as a teenager. Starting off heavily influenced by Gerhard Richter’s squeegee technique and style, he soon felt the urge to develop his own style, technique and process. Giesbers used 2019 and the beginning of 2020 to experiment and develop his first concepts. Starting his production in mid-2020, Giesbers was certainly not helped by Covid-19, as the virus pulled the rug out from under the offline artworld. On the other hand, it also gave him more time and mental space to produce. 

Giesbers is academically trained in Business Administration (MSc) and International Business and Languages (BCom). During the latter study, he spent a semester in Vienna and studied in Cracow.

What drives his art? Giesbers is intrigued by complexity and ever-moving change. That change may be in personality and personal longings, perspectives on society, society’s holism, significant future events and the numerous variables at play, or the interrelationships in an ecosystem. Giesbers' art feeds on these changes, making his work all about transformation, harmony, dissonance, dimensions and contemplation of past and present themes. Emotions also drive his art, as he uses it as a gateway to express feelings and evoke one of his favourite emotions, serenity.

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London, 160 Fernhead Road, Maida Vale

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