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7300 EUR




Dated Titled



30 x 50 cm
11.81 x 20 in







Stainless steel mirror polished by hands, rusted iron, olive & walnut wood.

1975 Moncalieri, Italy

Daniele Basso (born on August 4th, 1975 in Moncalieri - Turin) is an Italian artist well known for his works in mirror-polished metal. Works that induce a greater awareness of ourselves in the search for our identity. He has participated in three editions of the Venice Biennale of Art, with exhibitions and works in different parts of the world, including Carrousel du Louvre (Paris), University of the Seraphicum (Vatican), GNAM (Rome), Expo 2015 (Milan), World of Coca Cola (Atlanta), Officine della Scrittura (Turin), Museo del Parco (Portofino), Shoah Memorial (Milan) and in galleries in New York, Dubai, Saint Petersburg, Tel Aviv, Monte- Carlo, Lugano, Milan, Turin and Bologna. In 2015 "Coke Its Me" (The Coca-Cola Company) and Gigant (SWC Alta Badia - Unesco Park Dolomites). In 2016 "Aquamantio" (MOSCA1916) in Biella. In 2017 "Il Cavallino" (70th Anniversary Ferrari) and the awards at the 67th Sanremo Festival, for Star Team Monaco (S.A.S. Prince Albert II of Monaco) and for Inter FC. In 2018 the collaboration with Ferrero Gallery (Ivrea) and Hysteria Art Gallery (Milan). In 2019 the collaboration with Laura Tartarelli Contemporary Art Gallery in Pietrasanta and Gabriel Art On Stage at the Teatro del Silenzio by Andrea Bocelli, directed by Luca Tommassini.

"With my work I try to explore the meaning of things and life. Each work of art expresses a message. The goal is to generate a reflection and to induce people to a greater personal and collective self-awareness. The sculptures become symbols and monuments in which we recognize ourselves, not only as individuals, but above all as components of a unique and distinctive community. To be proud of it. Whose values are to be preserved as part of our identity. Through the pursuit of beauty I look for concrete grips and positive emotions, to stimulate consciences to the imagination, to the dream and to the project of a better future!"




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Sculpture 40 x 120cm

12200,00 €

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6100,00 €

Miami 02

Sculpture 50 x 50cm


Baranzate (MI), -

Hysteria Art is focused on Contemporary Artists from Italy and different part of the world. Every category has a mood to tell what is the research of the artists chosen. […] It’s holding me, morphing me And forcing me to strive To be endlessly cold within And dreaming I’m alive ‘Cause I want it now I want it now Give me your heart and your ...

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