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Nudo vegetal nº 4

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Drawings & Works on Paper


83 x 115 cm
32.68 x 45 in

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  • About the work

Toner on plastic paper.

About the Artist

1968 León, Spain

The works of Daniel Verbis correspond to drawings of the series Psicogramás (Images of file, 2000-2018), Work in progress that the artist considers like the ghostly negative of his own painting. If the painting with all its contradictions was the conscious positive of the subject, these drawings, engravings, collages ..., in short, this colorless work would be its unconscious negative, the product of sleep, of illness, of fear. Black and white file of a full-color painting that wants to be an X-ray of the artist himself, a colorless metaphor of that subject that wants to make the imagined visible. Along with these Psychograms we can see some of his artist's books, a work that Verbis has quietly been doing for years.

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About the Gallery


Santander, Santa Lucía, 49

Art gallery founded in 1985, program ten exhibitions for season. Focused on a group of artists, -mainly painters-, who defend artistic proposals that could be grouped in an Observatory of Figurative Painting....

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